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Following website templates working on Utuki CMS
  • Mobile App Landing Page
    Website & Utuki Console
  • Restaurant Landing Page
    Website & Utuki Console
  • Mobile App Landing Page
    Website & Utuki Console
  • Saas Landing Page
    Website & Utuki Console
  • About Utuki CMS

    Extreme Simplicity

    Utuki was made with this ideas in mind:

    1) Extreme simplicity in UI/UX, code and data structure

    2) Super flexibility - data structure is flexible

    3) Maximum universality - suitable for any modern UI design

    4) Maximum working speed - fast UI response

    5) Minimum source code weight - fast deploy, fast work, fast download

    6) No setup - copy to hosting and run

    — Written using the following technologies: PHP7, MVC, Sqlite3

    — Source code weight: 650 Kb only, 50 files

    HTML5 Template + Utuki = Website

    Select one-page HTML5 template

    or upload your own template

    More HTML5 templates →

    Price and Service

    Utuki delivered with binding service only

  • Price: License + Source Code + Your HTML template binding - $79
  • Delivery time: ~24 hours
  • Your Hosting: website will be working on your web hosting
  • Payment: Debit/Credit Card or Paypal
  • Choose any HTML template

    Choose any template you like from inovatik.com , onepagelove.com or ThemeForest.net. Or upload your custom template. All HTML5 templates are supported.
  • Upload your HTML template

  • (1) Send your HTML5 one-page template in the form below
  • (2) Wait 24 hours and see result website online
  • (3) Make a payment
  • (4) Get ready website to your email or to your hosting ftp
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